Tentakiller Shirt

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Tentakiller shirts the Deep Sea Divers greatest fear. What lurks 20 thousand leagues under the sea? A giant damn man-eater, thats what! Wear this short run kraken inspired Tentakiller shirt around all your moms closest "friends", because we all know they're douchebags just wanting to be your "pal" for reasons you already know. Also, maybe you like ocean stuff. I don't judge.

Looking for a whole mess of gnarly stickers to add to your order? Check out the Holographic Sticker Pack!

Printed on 4.3oz black tees. Top of the line fabric that stands up to the consistent wear without sacrificing fit or feel. 60% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton 40% Polyester /32 singles, 145 grams/4.3oz.

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